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  1. With the move in the JPY Japan has become a lot more affordable for people from around the world.

    Can you recommend some of the key cities to visit and the best way to travel?

    1. Why, thank you. I appreciate that very much. Do let me know if I can help steer you in a particular direction or, well, there are tons of places I’ve been that I haven’t written about yet where maybe I can help if you are planning a trip. All the best and see you over at the other place. 🙂

  2. Hi George. I was reading your financial summary of the market in lowetide the other day. I have little knowledge of how the financial markets really works and not much of an investor but very curious to understand. With the dropping cdn dollar is there anything one would invest in? Do you wait til if you can til the market hits it’s cycle and oil and the dollar recover to invest? Interested to hear your thoughts.

    Amazing pictures by the way.

    Thanks. Roger

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