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Postcard from the Road #10: Toronto Skyline at -40 degrees

Polson Pier Toronto
A Porter Airlines flight landing at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport at sunset on a frigid February day. Temperatures plunged to below -40 degrees with windchill

I came to Toronto at the start of November as I mentioned in my last post and time flies. I’m ten days away from my next chapter. On Sunday, amid temperatures that plunged below -40 with windchill (F or C, take your pick, we dropped to the crossover point), I headed out to brave the cold at the famous Polson Pier for the quintessential Toronto skyline view.

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Postcard from the Road #9: Toronto Skyline at Night

Postcard from the Road (Top of the World Edition)

Toronto Skyline at Night
The city of Toronto sparkles on a frosty January night


Dear friends of TGB,

Here is a photo of yesterday’s Toronto skyline. I shot this from the CN Tower (once the world’s tallest free-standing structure) Observation deck through a curved window that was reflecting the lights from inside the room. This made for a difficult shot to begin with. 

Add the fact that I was using my new camera and new lens (and I am very unfamiliar with it) as well as having no use of a tripod, I was wondering how this was going to turn out. Well, the answer was “pretty well.” I used a circular polarizer on my lens so that I could use a lower ISO setting (125) and slow down my shutter speed further. That way, I could get the streaks of light from the moving traffic, get the clouds and the steam rising from the buildings to have movement as well. If I used a higher ISO with no polarizer, I would have had too much light; if I used a faster shutter speed, I would have no light/cloud motion. So this was a fun experiment that worked out pretty well! Oh, and I did this while drinking a beer as well, so we killed two birds with one stone. I look forward to taking photos with this new camera when I head out on my next adventures. Our blog posts should be even more vibrant in the not-too-distant future as a result. Hope you will enjoy them.

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Camera set-up details are below
Nikon D810 / 16mm focal length, ISO 125, F/4.0 at 15.0 seconds, circular polarizer, no tripod, one handed shot with beer in other hand.

Top 10 Travel Stories #8: Galapagos!

The unique landscape of the Galapagos Islands
The unique landscape of the Galapagos Islands

It was June of 2008 and I has just finished my tour of Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley of Peru and arrived in the Galapagos. Thanks to being a solo traveler I got the last, single bunk on a small boat that was touring around the islands for a week. On one of our shore expeditions I went out into the crystal clear waters to snorkel. I was still very close to shore when I encountered sting rays, sea turtles, and numerous fish.

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