Postcard from the Road #6: Spotted Lake, BC

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A little to the northwest of Osoyoos, BC, the city that claims the title of hottest place in Canada and one of the border towns with the US, is this alkaline water formation known as “Spotted Lake.” This view from the side of the Crowsnest Highway (Number 3) is the closest one can legally get to the lake these days, as it is private land belonging to a native band. According to Wikipedia the natives bought the land partly to prevent the development of a spa. Interestingly, the mineral-rich area was used to source material for ammunition during the First World War.

It isn’t worth going out of your way to visit since you can’t walk down onto its banks, but if you are passing through the area, it’s worth a stop to have a look from the side of the road. You can read a bit more about Spotted Lake here.


The unusual sight of Spotted Lake
The unusual sight of Spotted Lake


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