Postcard from the Road #7: Steveston, Canada

Dear Friend,

This postcard may be slow to reach you. I forgot to mail it until near the end of my trip. I was looking south across from Steveston at the mouth of the Lower Arm of the mighty Fraser River. This scene struck me, with the driftwood, the boats passing by, and the purple wildflowers growing by the water’s edge. In the distance, some islands, including Vancouver Island provide a nice silhouette. It was just a beautiful scene that stuck with me.

My friend Melinda Green Harvey was in BC around the same time, and took a magnificent photo of driftwood, if this sort of thing interests you. I promise to continue with posting about Iguazu Falls later this week.


A magical Pacific Northwest summer sunset
A magical Pacific Northwest summer sunset

All the best,

The Gentleman Backpacker


2 thoughts on “Postcard from the Road #7: Steveston, Canada”

    1. Thanks, Melinda. Happy to mention your fabulous work any time, especially when the context fits, like this. To anyone else reading as well, if you have a post related to the subject of one of mine, let me know! Thanks, George

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