Postcard from the Road #5: Chuchuwayha Community Hall and Arriving Home before the Mail

Dear Friend,

I encountered this old building on my drive from Keremeos to Hope, BC. The low clouds and fog made for an eerie scene, and with the last little bit of daylight left, I took this photo. A cursory Google search of Chuchuwayha reveals a small Reserve of the Upper Similkameen Band, population 76. I did not see a soul during my few minutes here. I would have loved to see the dollar (loonie) auction or stayed for bingo night, though. I am not sure what to think about that smiley face, except it looks somehow creepy to me.

My inspiration for this photo comes in part from the blog of my friend Melinda Green Harvey, whom I had the tremendous fortune of meeting at a photography workshop in Santa Fe taught by the tireless and incomparable Brett Erickson. Her blog is based on the concept of posting one photo every single day without fail, and she has managed to stick to this exhausting theme for four years! You’ll find many photos of old buildings there, like this one, for example. On top of all that, she has a tremendous eye for photography.

I’m back in New York now, so will get to posting more actual travel stories and tips. Iguazu and Peru are next.

Remember when you’d be traveling somewhere and send a postcard home to family, and the mail delivery service was so slow you’d end up beating it back home before it arrived? In that manner, I can continue with this series if you like, or I can stop. Let me know what you, the reader, want.




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4 thoughts on “Postcard from the Road #5: Chuchuwayha Community Hall and Arriving Home before the Mail”

  1. George – thanks for the mention! Doing the blog was the best thing I could have done for my photography, for a lot of reasons – the constant shooting, the discipline of daily posting, etc.

    I agree completely with your description of Brett.

    And, this shot? I like it a lot. I hope you were able to attend the loony auction, whatever that is! I like your postcards from the road concept, too.

    1. Melinda – you’re most welcome. I love your blog and agree on the benefits you’ve mentioned above. No luck on the loonie auction this time around, but I’d be curious to attend one next time.

  2. Thanks George, will keep an eye out for this little notch in the road next time I’m on the Hope-Princeton!

    1. Hi Tim, definitely worth taking the detour through the valley and Crowsnest Highway instead of the Coquihalla. Would like to give it a go on a road bike at some point, too.

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